Airdrop Addon for Minecraft

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Would you like to add something to your Minecraft world and makes your game feel more fun? The Airdrop addon for Minecraft will make you interest when adds the concept of loot crates. It’s dropped from the sky and also a flare gun that can be crafted in survival mode. You may use this addon in your world or your realms.

Cre: skybord32222, Youtube, Twitter

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Airdrop Addon

How to craft

Material: 3 redstones, a bow, a firework rocket, and an iron ingot

To use Flare gun, right-click on it, LT (window 10) or hold the screen (mobile). Then an airdrop will appear in the sky and slowly drop it

They are extremely fragile so if you shoot them down or get damaged before it lands on the ground, you may just get the remains of the airdrop


Put your armor stand near a ticking area for this function to work. It can be added with the command: /tickingarea or otherwise near 0, 0

All items in an airdrop are not random, but if you are in a realm or a server and you want to change the item. You have to place down a chest then placing an armor stand named “air_loot” directly above it

After that, you can place any items you want into the chest and they will appear in an airdrop

Following the instructions above many times, you will set different variations of the loot!

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It will pick randomly from one of the chests that you have placed down. Additional you can change the probability of them

Note from creator

  • Special thanks to @IAmVeidt for modelling the airdrop and @AzozDaGamer and @JustAsh01 for helping the Addon!
  • Translators: Jan0660, Otaznk2


Airdrop Addon,flare gun

or here: Airdrop Addon 1.0.3

You can also download lower version Release 1.0.0; Release 1.0.1; Release 1.0.2

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loved it

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