A Simple and Normal BETA [Parkour]

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If you feel a bit bored with the parkour map recently. Let try this map A simple and normal Parkour with many different levels. It just normal parkour, but maybe this is the map you are looking for !!

Cre: JessieJamesPlays, Twitter, Youtube

Let explore each levels parkour map

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

You will lose your brain cells here!!

Level 4

This level is known to be the most difficult level for any parkour

Level 5

Overcome the hardest level 4, you can chill here

Level 6

Well, It’s still a hard level, but it’s not hard as level 4

Level 7

Time to relax here, but wait! you can not chill as level 5

Level 8

It seems you just need to jump around and get another platform. But that is honey blocks

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12


  • Starting on V4, A Simple and Normal Parkour is updated monthly cuz I am working on a new parkour/puzzle map. 


Direct download no bs

You can get .Zip file here: A-Simple-and-Normal-Parkour-V3.zip

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