Panorama with Shader | Tricky Trials 1.21

This resource pack includes a modified version of the default 1.21 Trial Chamber panorama with shaders applied. I tried to create a foggier environment and applied bloom effects, which gave the lights a more glowing appearance and made the panorama more visually appealing.

Creator: Adib3700

Panorama with Shader 1.21

There is no known source for the original panoramic. For that reason, I had to manually reconstruct a portion of the panoramic. The player was standing exactly where the original panoramic was taken, though, and I was able to find that location.

Minecraft Shaders

Panorama with Shader 1.21

The trial room therefore has a striking resemblance to the original. Following that, I took this panorama using the Complementary Reimagined shader.


This is not a shader – this is a resource pack to just change the panorama/background to those shown in the screenshots.

You might need to restart Minecraft if it doesn’t work!

MCPE Download

Download Panorama with Shaders MCPE 1.21

More Shaders for Minecraft 1.21 here:

Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft Shaders

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