Top 5 Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.20+

Serious Minecraft players will not be able to ignore this real gun mod for Minecraft 1.20+. 3D gun model, realistic gun effects, realistic gunshot sounds. All Minecraft Gun Mod Addons presented below will help you improve your shooting skills. Get full of guns Minecraft mods & modern weapon add-ons in your arsenal. Are you ready to revolutionize the 3D gun mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition experience?

The best gun mod for Minecraft 1.20+

1. IndoArsenal Addon V1.6 | New update

Minecraft’s vast and diverse world is about to get even more exciting with the IndoArsenal Addon. This remarkable Minecraft gun mod add-on is set to redefine your gaming experience, introducing a vast array of powerful and realistic firearms, thrilling customization options, and epic battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning your journey, this gun Minecraft mod promises to ignite your Minecraft adventures.

Indoarsenal gun mod mcpe

Don’t settle for mediocrity – with the IndoArsenal Addon, you can truly make your arsenal your own. Attach high-powered scopes for pinpoint accuracy, equip silencers for silent assassinations, and load up with extended magazines for sustained firefights. The customization options are unparalleled, and they’re your key to becoming an unstoppable force in the Minecraft game.

List of IndoArsenal Gun Mod for Minecraft in this addon:

– Assault Rifle

– Pindad SS2

– Pindad SS1

– Komodo Armament D5

– Kalashnikov AK-101

– Steyr AUG

– PT Armament IFAR-22

– Pindad SPR-2 

– FN Minimi

IndoArsenal gun mod for minecraft

Minecraft Gun Mod

Download IndoArsenal Addon – RP

Download IndoArsenal Addon – BP

2. Radium’s Armament

Discover the explosive world of Radium’s Armament, a top Minecraft gun mod. Explore a vast arsenal of firearms, customize your weapons, and engage in epic battles. Unleash the full power of your arsenal in Minecraft with Radium’s Armament mod.

radiums armament gun mod for minecraft

Diverse Firearm Arsenal: Radium’s Armament gun mod for Minecraft offers a diverse selection of firearms, from pistols and rifles to heavy machine guns. This gun Minecraft mod expands your experience by adding a new layer of strategy and excitement.


  • 100% Survival friendly
  • 16 guns
  • Grenade
  • Targets
  • Radium Zombie
  • Pet Zombie
  • TNT Zombie
  • 19 Weapon Displays
  • Physics
  • Gore/dismembering
  • Several custom blocks
  • Insane amount of animations
  • Two game modes
radiums armament gun mod for minecraft
radiums armament gun mod for minecraft
radiums armament gun mod for minecraft

Download Radium’s Armament Gun Mod – BP

Download Radium’s Armament Gun Mod – RP

3. Blessed Guns Addon

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft adventure with the Blessed Guns Addon. This groundbreaking Minecraft add-on promises to redefine your gaming experience by introducing a heavenly array of powerful and realistic firearms, epic customization options, and pulse-pounding battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this gun Minecraft mod is set to ignite your Minecraft journey in ways you’ve never imagined.

Blessed Guns gun mod for minecraft

Worried about the sanctity of your Minecraft world? Rest assured that our mod is designed with your safety in mind. Download this gun mod for Minecraft from trusted sources to ensure the utmost in-game purity.

Ready to embark on a divine and thrilling adventure? Join the ranks of Minecraft enthusiasts who have already embraced the divine might of the Blessed Guns Addon. Don’t miss out on this heavenly new level of Minecraft gameplay. Download the gun mod mcpe now and get ready to redefine your Minecraft journey.

Blessed Gun Mod for Minecraft
Blessed Gun Mod for Minecraft
Blessed Gun Mod for Minecraft


Download Blessed Guns Addon – BP

Download Blessed Guns Addon – RP

4. Actual Guns 3D

Looking to supercharge your Minecraft experience? Say hello to Actual Guns 3D, the ultimate game-changer that’s set to redefine your adventures in the blocky world of Minecraft. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newbie just starting your journey, this gun mod Minecraft is sure to captivate your imagination, elevate your gameplay, and leave you craving more. Let’s dive into what makes Actual Guns 3D a must-have for every Minecraft enthusiast.

gun mod for minecraft

Prepare to be blown away by an arsenal of incredibly realistic 3D-modeled guns mod for Minecraft. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles – you name it, we’ve got it. Each Minecraft weapon mod is a marvel of virtual engineering, boasting an unprecedented level of detail that brings the world of firearms to life in Minecraft. Your adventures will never be the same once you’ve experienced the power and precision of these remarkable weapons mod.

gun mod for minecraft
  • AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – Sniper
  • Barrett M82A1 – Sniper
  • Benelli M3 – Shotgun
  • FN P90 – SMG
  • Taurus PT92 – Pistol
  • Chain Grenade – Throwable
  • M4A1 – AR
  • AKM – AR
  • M249 – LMG
gun mod for minecraft

Download Actual Guns 3D

5. Aplok Guns

Step into a world where Minecraft meets modern warfare with the Aplok Guns Addon. This remarkable Minecraft add-on is about redefining your in-game experience, offering an arsenal of powerful and realistic firearms, breathtaking customization options, and thrilling battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your adventure, you won’t want to miss this Minecraft weapon mod.

Aplok Gun Mod for Minecraft

Prepare to be awestruck by a carefully crafted collection of realistic 3D-modeled guns. From compact pistols to devastating shotguns, precision rifles, and long-range sniper rifles, each weapon is a masterpiece of design and detail. The power and authenticity of these virtual firearms will transform your Minecraft world into an action-packed battleground.

Aplok gun mod for minecraft
Aplok gun mod for minecraft
Aplok gun mod for minecraft
Aplok gun mod for minecraft

Download Aplok Guns – RP

Download Aplok Guns – BP

These gun mod for Minecraft addons marry realism and divinity. Experience authentic gun mechanics with divine reloading animations, angelic bullet physics, and celestial recoil dynamics. Every shot is a testament to your skill, making each battle a heavenly and immersive experience.

So many gun mod for Minecraft add-ons takes realism to the next level. Experience authentic gun mechanics, complete with reloading animations, accurate bullet physics, and realistic recoil dynamics. Every shot is a test of your skill, making every battle an immersive and challenging experience.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Addons Gun Mod for Minecraft app which brings together all the best gun mods for you.



Minecraft Gun Mod

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