The Nubela 女神 Weapon

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What do you think about The Nubela 女神 Weapon? The Nubela one of the most strongest top 1st in the Game Modded which is can deliver Extra Chaos Damage Second Time Can destroy goku and sans, Bloody gaster, betty, others touch and hold milliseconds will destroy together Vanish them in the world about information of the update coming soon

Creator: mcstamina

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The Nubela 女神 Weapon

The 女神 Nubela Sword: Can Deliver Extra Chaos Daamge Ability will destroy anything milliseconds of touch and hold of the screen Vanish them in the World tons of Health that does not hurt player literally a god

The Nubela 女神 Weapon

Health: 10000

Damage Ability: Chaos + haste and speed

Dreamverse Sword: One of the dreaming about players that we’re real has 300 health + Health boost 10 which can Deliver Extra Damage Ability

The Nubela 女神 Weapon

The Scarlet Sword (Player): One of the serious parts Damage can Deliver Extra bonus Damage Ability

The Nubela 女神 Weapon
The Nubela 女神 Weapon

Some Addons Minecraft you can check in Mcpe

Download The Nubela 女神.mcaddon

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