The BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack!

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The BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack! One of the most essential mods in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is X-ray texture packs. There are various types of players who play this game in various ways around the world. Some people want to test themselves and play at the greatest level possible, while others are just looking for a good time without expending too much energy.

“The BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack” is ideal for individuals who wish to play the game casually without having to put in a lot of effort. Even if this mod is prohibited on some servers, people are free to use it in their own worlds.

The BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack!

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Below is the best 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture pack that Mcpe Addons recommends for you:

ABEL-XRAY (1.18)

Have you grown tired of mining for hours on end without finding diamonds or netherite? Do you want to be able to find minerals quickly on servers, worlds, and realms? This difficulty has been solved; with this texture, you can quickly locate minerals and structures throughout your globe.

BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack
BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack

ABEL-XRAY take some instances of an xray texture that makes the game a little simpler. Minerals of many kinds can be found.

BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack

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AK X-Ray Rebirth

If you feel tired of mining and you have to mine in a straight line and can’t find anything there, come to AK X-Ray Rebirth texture where you can easily find a diamond, ore,… Let’s try to imagine if your friend has a hidden chest and you don’t know where your friend hides it, or you can’t find an underground mob. Well, this texture pack is a perfect solution for you that will help you do it!

BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack

AK X-Ray Rebirth Texture has 8 modes:

  1. Default
  2. Default X-Ray with bordered 1.17 Ore Blocks
  3. Overworld
  4. Nether
  5. END
  6. X-Ray for Diamonds and Emeralds
  7. Netherite
  8. Aggressive
BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack

X-Ray Texture Pack

You feel hard to find diamonds or caves, even you can’t find any bases when playing on a server? With X-ray texture pack, fear no more because you can custom with lots of different.

BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack
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Using the slider to change the type of X-Ray. It includes 18 different variations

With The BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack! hope you maybe have more experience with your friend, follow us more to find out about Mod, textures, map, shader, skins for minecraft bedrock. Thank you so much. 

BEST 1.18+ MCPE Xray Texture Pack

If you play Minecraft on Mobile, you can have more shader texture packs to make your world more beautiful:

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