Shaderless Shader v2.0 – Render Dragon

An ultra realistic shader for Minecraft Pe – Shaderless Shader will change the looks of the Minecraft game in a natural way. A shader but without shaders and not as a regular texture pack! This pack active on both mobile and window, work well on 100% of devices, and is only 5MB in size

Cre: Mx Fishy, Youtube, Twitter

Shaderless Shader Features:

  • Custom clouds
  • Glowing sun and moon
  • Cleaner weather particles
  • Super pretty colormaps
  • Tropical water and much more!

Minecraft Shaders

Depending on the depth and blocks nearby, watercolor will changes

Here is the custom glass with super clear stained unlike any other

Simple warm lighting for night time and switch levels light

Bluer skies and clouds with varying transparency to provide variety in the skies!

Minecraft Shaders

Custom weather particles and blue flog

Tropical and lush oceans and shores


An RTX Version is available now! There are a few normal maps or any form of PBR is available in this build. However, there will be a future build of the Shaderless Shader with RTX that will include it.

Shaderless Shader

You can get .ZIP file here: Shader 2.0 zip

Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing Build 2 mcpack

Download Shaderless Shader free (Link Backup)

Shaderless Shader + Ray Tracing packs

Some screenshots are taken with an RTC Capable GPU with Ray Tracing enabled. It’s not the main shader or Lite version


– Added:
+ Skybox by Hybred from Hybred’s Assets
+ Waving plants
– Removed unnecessary texuture

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Minecraft Shaders

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