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Red’s More Structures Addon adds a lot of new structures to Minecraft. It will make your world become more interesting when placing randomly each build in the different biomes.Most structures contain loot, and even you have to encounter enemies

Creator: redstonegames, Twitter, Youtube

Red’s More Structures Addon

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To use this addon you must enable the additional feature of Custom Biomes.

Red's More Structures Addon


This tower spawned in almost all biomes. Include loot and provide a good view to see around, helping you know where you should go on the next.

Beach House

It’s a small house (have bed and loot) lie on along the beach and stone beach.

Creeper House

Explore a small house abandoned by creepers. Inside you can see a barrel with loot. Can be found in almost all biomes and between 1 to 4 houses together

Abandoned House

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Here is a big house but destroyed. Can find a bed, some chests and barrels containing loot. This is a good place for you to renovate and live.

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Mini Buddha 1

A small Buddha statue will spawn in almost all biomes (has a chest with loot).

Mini Buddha 2

Another statue that will spawn in all most biome

Big Buddha

This statue is pretty rare than others, spawns in all most all biomes (above height 80, has chests with class a loot)

Oracle of the Plain – Red’s More Structures Addon

This structure spawns in the plains biome and has a class B loot barrel.

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Ice Oracle

Spawn in snow biomes (has a chest with class B loot).

Flower Oracle

Spawn at Meadow, Sunflower Plain, and Blossom Forest biomes. It has a Class B loot barrel.

Great Oracle

A bit rarer than other structures, spawn at almost all biomes, and contains chests with Class A loot.

Dark Tower

A large tower with various types of loot. However, you will be able to find Witches, Vindicators, and Pillagers in the place.


Spawn at Desert, has gold blocks for you to get it.


You can find this structure in Desert, has come with barrels with C-class loot and a chest with A-class loot. Spawn is covered by sand and very difficult to find the loot

Great Pyramid

Spawn at the desert, larger than usual. You can find some barrels with class C loot,  tombs that when you open you can find chests with class B loot, and even a chest with class A loot

Covered by sand and pretty difficult to find the loot.

Jungle Pyramid – Red’s More Structures Addon

Spawn at Jungles, it is also larger than the standard Pyramid in-game. When you go inside the structure, you will find some barrels with class C loot, tombs that when you open you can find chests with class B loot, and 2 chests with class A loot.

Titan Sword

Great Sword of Titan which spawns in any biome. However, It is very rare and can generate missing pieces. Usually buried with the tip below 30. If the sword is whole and you dig to its tip, you can find up to 2 diamond blocks.

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Red’s More Structures Addon v1.0.3

Red's More Structures Addon
  • Improved distribution of structures
  • Added more mobs in dark tower
  • Added more mobs in the jungle pyramid
  • Added more mobs in the desert pyramid
  • New structure – deforestation pillager for the forest, birch forest, jungle, and taiga
  • New framework for swamp and mangrove swamp


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Download Red’s More Structures Addon

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Red's More Structures Addon


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Unikitty gamer09
Unikitty gamer09
4 months ago

Hi it looks cool i will download it soon.

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