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Let’s come and start discovering the most fun and best Parkour map in Rainbow Surf (remake) your own way. Parkour is a great map for Minecraft players looking for a new experience. If you are one of them, don’t miss this map!

Cre: RookieAhmad

Rainbow Surf (Big update)

This Rainbow Surf Parkour Remake has a total of 12 levels, including 6 parkour levels and 6 minigame levels. Once you start playing parkour, there will have a tower with a colorful background, you will be taken to one of the minigames levels to proceed to the next parkour level.

One of the options for you is to skip all the parkour levels if you can’t finish them. However, the minigames levels can’t be skipped, try finishing them with all your skills and effort!

Rainbow Surf

What’s new in remake version?

  • Remake all additional minigames to better and cooler than before.
  • Some changes in Parkour levels.
  • Reduced difficulty levels.
  • Added some new textures.

New feature:

Speedrun mode!! The additional minigames except the parkour will be removed so that it can focus on most of the parkour levels. The “skip level” in this mode was also removed, still keep the checkpoints

Rainbow Surf

Rainbow Surf include:

  • Parkour level 1 – Rainbow Tower (Orange)
  • Find The Button – Woods
  • Parkour level 2 – Rainbow Tower (Green)
  • Maze – Stronghold
  • Parkour level 3 – Rainbow Tower (Yellow)
  • Archery – Desert
  • Parkour level 4 – Rainbow Tower (Cyan/Blue)
  • Find The Button pt 2 – Bastion Remnant
  • Parkour level 5 – Rainbow Tower (Pink)
  • Maze pt 2 – Ocean Monument
  • Parkour level 6 – Rainbow Tower (RED)
  • Dropper – Rainbow Tower


Find the Button part 1

Find the Button part 2

Maze part 1

Maze part 2


Rainbow Surf




Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE


You can download zip file here: RainbowSurf.zip

If you are looking for interesting Parkour Minecraft Maps, let check these one in mcpeaddons.com:

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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