Olympic Games – Voiceline & Shop Update

Minigame maps in Minecraft are a topic that Minecraft followers are extremely interested in. We bring you more surprises and more drama when playing in Minecraft world.

The Olympic Games map will give you many new discoveries and light up your mind. This minigame map features up to 11 modes, custom sounds, costumes, and Hub Titles. Come and invite your friends to the Olympic Games on Minecraft Bedrock version.

Creator: Ancient Olympic (Youtube)

What’s special about The Olympic Games map?

On this map, you have to go through many mini-games to get a total of 5, 10, 15, or 20 wins to become the champion of the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games

1. Hot Potatoe

In this minigame, you have to run away or hide from the person with the hot potato. You have to find a way to be the last to win. If you touch the person holding the hot potato, you will immediately turn into the person with the potato. If you want to get rid of the hot potato, you must randomly hit a normal player.

Olympic Games

2. Tron

Your task in this minigame is to find a way to survive as long as possible. You must move continuously to avoid the red block below you.

Olympic Games

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3. Door Game

You have to knock on the door to get to the finish line.

??? How to smash: You have to knock on the right door to move to the next door.

Olympic Games

4. Jumper

Jump over the lasers and be the last one standing to win the minigame

Olympic Games

5. Ring Game

Jump inside the ring with the help of the fans to get Points. First one to get 300 Points wins

Olympic Games

6. Fall Game

In this minigame, you have to jump on the correct block to move forward first one on the finish line wins!

Olympic Games

7. Sorting Game

Hit the broken hats to gain points. The first one to get 20 points wins!

8. Knock Game

Hit the Player or Knock them out of the platform to give them points once you are over 500 Points you are out! The last one standing wins!

9. Spleef

Every Player gets a snowball with them, you can destroy the snow blocks by hitting them with the snowball last one standing wins!

10. Coin Game

On this map coins summon you have the mission to collect as many of them hit other players so that they loose some first one who gets 20 points wins!

11. Hit and Run [NEW]

Olympic Games

Costumes and Hub-Titles in Olympic Games

On this map, you can Find hidden codes all over the spawn area once you found them simply open your Locker tab on Codes and type in the code, and submit it. (You have to write the code right!) Once that it’s done you can equip your costume and your hub title? nbsp; by right-clicking on the Locker and selecting Costumes or Hub Titles.

We got:

  1. The Raven Bundle
  2. Knight Bundle
  3. Mushroom Bundle
  4. Villager King Bundle
  5. G.O.A.T. Bundle
  6. Warrior Costume and New:
  7. Alien Bundle
  8. Dragon Bundle,

We have created a feedback system so the players who submit it let the host know how his experience was.


We added to the bundle a voice system that activates when the game is played from the start and when a new mode is chosen. With custom voice lines for each bundle, this should elevate the map to its new potential.

  • We updated the “Fall game”  to a 3×3 jump area
  • we added a new Voice Line System
  • Added new Codes
  • Added a Shop keeper where you can buy your bundles
  • Added the Alien and the Dragon Bundle
  • Fixed some music bugs
  • Added a new game called “Hit and Run”
  • Added some new animations for some games
  • Use code: “mcpedl” in the game via the Locker item, to gain 800 coins!

Some Minigame Maps for Minecraft at Mcpeaddons.com, you can check more below:


Olympic Games

Download Olympic Games or back up

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