NSL School

The Nuestra Seora de Loreto school’s actual location is shown in full, as are the nearby homes and the school’s interior. Will you be able to discover this school’s secret?

Creator: nicholucho27

NSL School map

This landscape, which is depicted on a school and its surrounding suburbs, is a reproduction of a real site in Chile, where we currently reside.

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

Not all of it is detailed equally, but it was made with attention to detail, especially in regards to the map’s focal point, the school, which has three floors and almost all of the rooms and corresponding furniture. The school has a school cafeteria with its “microwaves,” an audio visual room, over 20 class rooms, a small chapel, and a few other buildings, including a row of houses and buildings that we tried to mimic a city block in Santiago.

Moving away from the school there also is a reasonably sized neighborhood with about 10 different house models and a park with a playground, great care went into recreating all it’s little nuances, street poles, highly detailed sidewalks and the such, for the most part the houses in this zone don’t have walkable interiors, but there was an effort to at least decorate windows to make the area feel more lived in, there are also a few tall residential buildings, also without interiors sadly, on the other corner of the map to explore, with pools and rooftop venues, to finish the description there also is a big academy a few blocks away from the school, with a not so detailed helicopter pad and surrounding environs.

Since the map was first created as a proof of concept over the course of around two years with many interruptions, there aren’t many things to do in it other than explore. Nevertheless, what is there was created with care and work, and since this is our first map, I hope you really like it.

It also has an easter egg, can you find it?

NSL School
NSL School
NSL School
NSL School
NSL School
NSL School

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE


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– Download the archive in Google drive

– Once is downloaded double click in NSL.mcworld

– Done 🙂

Some Minecraft Maps you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

NSL School

NSL School and surroundings

NSL School and surroundings (Link Backup)

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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