YouTube Play Button Addon | Minecraft Addons PE

Do you want to have a YouTube silver play button hanging on your bedroom wall?... Or even a gold play button?... Now you can...


DtA One Block Minecraft 1.20+

In DtA One Block Minecraft map, you will spawn on an island and you have to install a lot of thing. On this island,...

DtA Lucky One Block Map

Adventure map DtA Lucky One Block that awaits you come and explore. This map is not just a game, but a journey full of...



Custom 3D Totem From Player Skin | Minecraft Resource Pack

This is the best resource pack if you want to make custom 3D Totem of undying using your Minecraft skin. All you need to...
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Star Wars Minecraft Mod | StarPixel MCPE 1.20+

A new adventure awaits Minecraft Bedrock users in a galaxy far, far away, during the Clone Wars. A fantastic new Star Wars Minecraft Mod...

Lifesteal Addon (1.20.x) BIG UPDATE! | Minecraft Addons PE

The Lifesteal Addon is based on the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where you lose a heart when you die and get a heart...

Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod | Hotfix for Minecraft 1.20.30

Minecraft Better Adventures is an addon that aims to make Minecraft's world less monotonous by introducing numerous new biomes, variants on vanilla biomes, new...

The Primordial Kings Mod Pack | Minecraft Mods

This The Primordial Kings Mod Pack will brings to your Minecraft world as the Original kings. Creator: Sazry Studio The Primordial Kings Mod Pack The Primordial Kings...
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