3D Minecraft Model: How to make your own 3D model and bring it into Minecraft?

Yeah, it’s boring when the mobs 3D Minecraft model is just a collection of 6 cubes thrown together; it’d be interesting if people could construct a customizable model to match their specialities.

Author: Anh Dona

Custom 3D Minecraft Model for Java & Bedrock Edition

I know that this functionality was included for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but it was deleted since the player model may be seen as server cheating. However, because this functionality has been deleted, content makers like as skin and resource pack creators are restricted in their inventiveness.

If this feature was brought back to Minecraft,
i have some rules & feature suggestions to prevent player from cheating:

– Every bones (Head, Arms, Body, etc) requires at least 1 cube

Custom 3D Minecraft Model for Java & Bedrock Edition

– There is no such thing as misuse transparency to prevent cheating; each cube has its own transparency limits, perhaps half of them or a quarter? I’m not sure, please tell me which limitation is preferable.

Each cube has its own transparency limits

– For player’s 3D Minecraft Model, servers include a report function, such as “/report [Player Name] inappropriate skin model.”

Report function in Minecraft

– Player 3D Minecraft Model file need to be less than 1mb to prevent lag for servers

3D model file need to be less than 1mb

 For Minecraft Java Edition players, they need to upload their .json of custom player 3D Minecraft Model to https://minecraft.net/en-us/profile/skin website to change their models, for Minecraft Bedrock edition players, just simply change their model from skin settings

Change player's skins in Minecraft
You can try Skin Maker for Minecraft PE to custom any skins

–  [Optional] Feature to add extra bones that may be parented to another bone (for example, “Parent”:”Head” on the.json file code) and defined for animations (for example, “Anim”:”armsAnim” or something similar on the.json file code), this might be beneficial for adding hundreds of modifications to player models.

Feature to add extra bones

– Player 3D Minecraft Model size has it’s limitation but still has the default collosion box , it’s like maximum size is about 2×3 block and it’s minimum size is 1×1.5 block, yeah the 2×3 size of player model might be funny to look at when entering a door

Player Model size

What about Pocket Edition? Can I create a 3D Model in Minecraft PE?

Custom 3D Model is a complex customization that involves some code knowledge, but if someone can design a software to make custom models for players without coding skills, that would be really appreciated!

And here is one app that can help you:

3D Minecraft Model Maker – This app is your solution!

The app Minecraft 3D Model Creator

3D Minecraft Model Maker is a toolbox for Minecraft mod creators! Quickly access Minecraft 3D models, 3D skins, download and custom like a real addons maker, special with a new block bench editor.

An easy-to-use toolbox for Minecraft mod creators or editors! Quickly access available Minecraft 3D models or 3D skins, download and custom like a real addons maker without block bench skill.

Making Minecraft 3D models is complicated, takes a lot of time and ideas, even need to know some skills such as Minecraft entity wizard, editing, moving cubes and drawing mobs, blocks, items,… However, now with the 3D Model Editor for Minecraft PE you can unleash creativity with thousands of Minecraft models available on the server. Quickly create and custom models just in a few clicks even if you are not a mod creator in Blockbench!

3D Minecraft Model Maker

Minecraft Gun Mod


– Added Skins Creator 3D for Minecraft in the Setting menu
– Allow MCPE fan access to unlimited Minecraft skins
– Flexible edit model with Blockbench Editor and Model Editor
– Easily create your new own suits, mix and match, and even get random skins.

– 3D Model Editor for Minecraft PE is a tool for Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM). It helps players create 3D Minecraft models visually.
– Do not export directly to the Minecraft game!
– Provide 3 files when export include JSON, Icon, Skin. Then use these files on Addons Maker app or any other third party.
– Not only for Minecraft mod maker professionally, but everyone can also use new resources to be shared from our community, customize and play them in a new way. Some guys can be model makers, and some can be texture makers. They can make collab together and make a beautiful model with excellent textures!


✔️ Explore many mobs, items, blocks, furniture, and more categories that players can select and edit!
✔️ Start custom right away by downloading the best and rare models from users’ sharing!
✔️ All free available 3D models simply with a few clicks.
✔️ Unique skins, become a Minecraft texture pack creator or Minecraft animation maker 3d with a variety of categories Mob, Dinosaur, Fish, Furniture, Robot, Vehicle,…
✔️ Save your favorite design and manage the list of 3D modeling you’ve liked by Tag.
✔️ Compatible with Minecraft 1.19 1.20

3D Minecraft Model Maker


Using third-party program – Minecraft AddOns Maker (MAM) to import the 3D model to world.
– 3D Model Editor for Minecraft will export 3 files for each model including JSON file, Icon, Skin.
– Upload JSON file to the Minecraft Model Editor section.
– Change SKIN by image PNG.
– Custom and export to Minecraft.

Let’s design your favorite custom models for Minecraft, and share them with everyone!

3D Minecraft Model Maker

3D Minecraft Model Maker is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition and is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB, its name, trademark and other aspects of the application are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

Tutorials/Programs and editors/3D modeling

Get it on both Google Play and Apple Store!

Check our channels:
* Youtube: @UltimateCraftChannel
* Fanpage: AddOns Maker
* Group: Addons Maker for Minecraft PE Community
* Discord: AddOns Maker’s Server

Any other suggestions for custom models? Please leave a comment in the comments section below😁

Check more Minecraft Addons PE with us!


Minecraft Gun Mod

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