Furniture Expanded | Minecraft Furniture Mod

More than 50 additional pieces of furniture and hundreds of unique building components are included in the game thanks to Dreampixel’s furniture expended update! It has everything, including game machines and chairs and tables! Furniture Expanded includes everything. There is no need to be concerned about lag because all of the furniture contained in this addon is in the form of blocks. The blocks are ideal for all of your decorating needs and some of them have many color options.

Creator: Dream pixel (Youtube, Twitter)

Furniture Expanded

Furniture Expanded

Minecraft Furniture Mod


🪑Furniture Expanded🪑

Furniture expanded adds in 50+ new furniture blocks to the game, it features everything from simple decorations such as chairs, tables ,etc to other types of furniture such as arcade machines, plants, and game tables.

Furniture Expanded

🛋️Different variations🛋️

Furniture Expanded
Furniture Expanded

Some of the furniture featured in this addon, also have different color variations


🚧Custom building blocks!🚧

Minecraft Furniture Mod

this addon also comes with dozens of custom building blocks!

it features, roofs, windows, fences, pillars, and more


Furniture Expanded

🛏️How to use🛏️

instructions on how to use the addon:

Furniture Expanded

The furniture can be found in your creative inventory menu or by using the command “/give @s fe:”

Furniture Expanded


🏠Ideas for use🏠

Bellow are some ideas for the use of the furniture

Furniture Expanded
Furniture Expanded
Furniture Expanded
Furniture Expanded
Furniture Expanded

More Minecraft Furniture Mod you can check in to decor your house:


This addon was inspired by a minecraft java mod called “cocricot” you can find a link for it here

cocricot mod


Furniture Expanded

❓Frequently asked Questions❓

Can i use this for my maps?

Yes, as long as you give credit

All i see is “update” blocks??

If this issue happens, it most likely means you didn’t turn on experimental toggles. be sure to enable “Holiday creator features” before using the addon

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Our discord

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this addon was uploaded exclusively to mcpedl! Any other websites that distribute this addon without my approval are false and are an act of plagiarizing.



v1.2 is out!

  • added paintings!
  • added posters
  • added 30+ custom building blocks


Installation Instructions:

How to download with linkvertise

Please note that the linkervertise link is not required, feel free to use the mcpedl download. if you choose to go with the linkvertise link, it will take you to linkvertise, from here you need to scroll down a little and click “Free access with ads”, after that click discover interesting articles and wait 5 seconds to close out of the window, after that you will see a green check mark click on where it says continue to website where you will then have access to mediafire, once you are in mediafire click the blue button on the right to get your file.

How to download with mcpeaddons

Simply click the downloads, wait about a couple minutes and it should be done!

mcpeaddons download

Download Furniture Expand (Linkverstise)

📥Download Furniture Expand (Mcaddon)

If you want to download more Furniture for Minecraft you can check app “Furniture decor for Minecraft

Furniture Expanded

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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