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This furnicraft addon adds many decorations, more villagers. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products, and entertainment-related things, like a pool table and a PC for games. It is a great add-on if you want more options to decorate your home.

Creator: ROBERTGAMER69 (Twitter AccountYouTube) 

Furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How does it work?

Since most furniture is an entity, this means that you can easily rotate the furniture in the direction you want. Some furniture, such as chairs and sofas, also have some functionality in that regard so you can sit on them. Currently, all the furniture is in the creative inventory when you search for FURNICRAFT 3D BLOCK and you will see all the furniture there. You can use the rotator to rotate furniture.

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK


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Here’s a list of the furniture included with this add-on.

    Trampoline for the pool
    Christmas tree
    Gamer PC Set
    Park bench
    water source
    Satanic ritual
    Ceiling fan
    Pool table
    Soccer Table
    Big chewing gum machine
    Small chewing gum machine
    Recreational Machine
    Teddies machine
    Watering can
    Microwave over
    shelves and furniture
    Closet—(16 materials)
    Beach chairs—(16 colors)
    Umbrellas—(16 colors)
    Armchairs—(16 colors)
    Lamps—(16 colors)
    Gamer chairs—(16 colors)
    Beds—(16 colors)
    chairs—(16 materials)
    Small tables—(16 materials)
    Big tables—(16 materials)
    bench—(16 materials)
    Players—(16 skins)
    Tv—(16 texturas)
    Furniture for Tv—(16 colors)
    gifts—(16 colors)

How to get them?

First you will have to obtain the clay for furniture, its elaboration is the following:

furnicraft 3D BLOCK

When you have clay for furniture, you will have to go to the craft table.

Here is an example of how furniture is obtained at the craft table in Furnicraft 3D BLOCK addon

furnicraft 3D BLOCK

and with that done you can get all the furniture in survival
Obviously you can also find them in the creative inventory

The ROTADOR was also added to rotate the furniture can also be obtained with the stone cutter…

How to have a wife and children?

First, you will have to look for your future wife and trade with her until you have the option of having a child
NPCs are found in the villages

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Here is an example of how the NPC inventory looks

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How to get the ring?

You will have to crawl with the Rose Gold ore that can be found in mines or caves throughout the world.
its probability of appearing is average
but if you go to a village below them you can find a lot of rose gold ore.

>>>>> May be you need:

10 Best furniture mods for Minecraft PE

Here is an example of how the ring is crafted

furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How do I believe my baby?

To be able to marry her, he must first find her or give her an engagement ring. If you give him the ring now, he will follow you around and allow you to access his inventory, where you can store items. In addition to the inventory, there is a space for a lock, which you can use to keep it stationary.
The lock is made of four rose gold ingots, and there are two ways to get a son or daughter: by having a kid with your wife or by adopting one. If you give your wife a cake, hearts will appear, and she will give birth to a child for you.
To adopt a child, you must first offer your wife a document, which she will turn into a marriage certificate. You must then find a priest, who will allow you to adopt the child in exchange for the marriage certificate and two diamonds.
The opposing mobs will be attacked by the NPCs dressed as guards, defending the communities.

The content producer NPCs can be tamed for one diamond, after which they will attack opposing mobs while following you. You can even use a lock to make them stand still.
There are NPCs in the settlements.

Here is an example of how the NPC inventory looks

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How to get the ring?

The rose gold ore, which can be discovered in mines or caves worldwide, will need to be obtained.
Although there is an average chance that it will arise, there is a town below them where you can locate a lot of rose gold ore.
Rose gold may now be found in the depths thanks to the Caves update; it can be seen roughly between layers -56 and 60.

Here is an example of how the ring is crafted

furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How do I believe my baby?

Once you have a wife, you must give her a cake to start the process. She will then give birth to a child, and you must wait five minutes with the child in your inventory. When the 300-second counter on your screen reaches zero and disappears, you will be able to appear to your child with the same item (this process is a bit easier and similar to minecraft java)

You should give your child any of the following foods when he’s ready to help him grow (cake, apple, sugar, golden apple)

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Here is an example of how NPCs look

This Furnicraft 3d block addon works fine in 1.13.0, 1.13.1, 1.14, it may be that in versions before 1.13 it has failures

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How to get the tools?

you can crackle them with the rose gold ore that you find in mines and below the villages
The Rose Gold apple and the Enchanted Rose Gold Apple were also added

Here is an example of how they crafting

furnicraft 3D BLOCK

How do the new Cherry trees work?

Cherry Trees will randomly appear around your world, with a fair chance of doing so. They function similarly to other minecraft trees, dropping cherry saplings when broken and giving you leaf blocks when broken logs are broken. 

You can forge cherry wood, paint cherry wood, and generate cherry saplings that you may plant and have a tree of the desired color grow as a result.

Crafting example:

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK

This plugin is bug-free in version 1.18.x, although it may have bugs in versions earlier to 1.16. Another version contains all the furniture as entities rather than solid blocks. You can download the version that works best for you (eye the version of entities is outdated compared to the 3d blocks)

Keep in mind that you can continue to subscribe by clicking the green [SUBSCRIBE] button above to receive notifications whenever the add-on is updated.
Also keep in mind that if an add-on does not function properly for you, you should install it every time it is updated in case a new version does.

you can find more information on my website: link to my website


This plugin is bug-free in version 1.18.x, although it may have bugs in versions earlier to 1.16. Another version contains all the furniture as entities rather than solid blocks. 

You can download the version that works best for you (eye the version of entities is outdated compared to the 3d blocks)

Keep in mind that you can continue to subscribe by clicking the green [SUBSCRIBE] button above to receive notifications whenever the add-on is updated.

Also keep in mind that if an add-on does not function properly for you, you should install it every time it is updated in case a new version does.


ITz_DaKs: Thanks for the help with the code for the tables to connect
TazaMakeThings: Thanks to its addon it is possible to use FURNICRAFT in the versions 1.18.10+



If you are going to review it on your YouTube channel, leave the link on this page or on my official website. And without shorteners.
So you avoid being removed from the video or receive strikes on your channel

Thank you!

As you know in version 1.18.10 all 3D block addons stopped working
but thanks to TazaMakeThings you can use the addons again
so for now to be able to occupy FURNICRAFT you will need a separate addon
you can download it from the following link

Block-Geo Fixer.-addon

This is temporary and it is expected that the problems will be solved soon
Example of how the addons should go:

furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK
furnicraft 3D BLOCK


You don’t like Advertising?

You can subscribe to my PATREON and get benefits and direct download links

You also support my projects and give suggestions and support for the addon

furnicraft 3D BLOCK


now you can subscribe to my PATREON to support my content and you get benefits such as direct downloads to my addons

>>>Currently in version 1.19.30 some errors are being presented, it is recommended to use an older version of the game<<<

To be able to occupy it in 1.18.12 and 1.19.20 you need the following addon: Block-Geo Fixer.-addon
some furniture was deactivated due to errors, they are being reviewed and will be activated again soon..

  • Now all the decorations are 3d blocks
  • a fix is being worked on for 1.19.30 (soon)
  • compatible with 1.19.20
  • now most cosplays have animations (some animations are activated by shifting)
  • now the crib is a solid block (now it’s just decoration)
  • added realistic cactus in the deserts
  • a very important change was made in comes alive (read above for more information)
  • some bugs are being worked on
  • several bugs fixed
  • compatible with more devices
  • there may be some bugs (remember it’s in beta)
  • etc…


mcpeaddons download

Download Furnicraft 3D Block mcaddon

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furnicraft 3D BLOCK


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