Amazing Jump Parkour | Maps for Minecraft Pe

This is an interesting short parkour map for players. You can jump among ancient pyramids, go parkour to Japanese. Then come to your farmhouse to save it from destruction. All in a single map – Amazing Jump Parkour!

Cre: SquarePixelsStudio (Youtube)

Amazing Jump Parkour

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

Here you can see you be enclosed in a huge rectangle in the sky with huge clouds

You spawn at a levitating island. Your task is to jump in hearts to embark on an amazing adventure.

At the second level, you will have to perform dangerous jumps to reach the ancient temple! You have to jump on the excavator to go home! Jump on the trees but be careful not to fall down. If you fall it will hurt!!!

Amazing Jump has divided the map into 5 levels. You will find among others, excavator jumps, Chinese ornaments, discover the interior of an ancient pyramid!

A party is waiting for you after the pyramid! You have to jump on the decorations to get closer and complete the map

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

At each level in Amazing Jump Parkour, there is a ladder or stairs to return after falling on the map!


  • Thumbnail appearance changed.
  • Description corrected.
  • Changed minor bugs


Amazing Jump Parkour

You can get .ZIP file here:

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Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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[…] Amazing Jump [Parkour] Maps for Minecraft Pe […]


[…] Amazing Jump [Parkour]  […]

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