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An enormous park with a bunch of attractions games on the World Of Games map. This is an amazing park that you will spend a lot of time to travel and visit many interesting destinations.

Cre: EmileCar and ThomasDM

How to play the World Of Games map

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To start the discovery The World Of Games map:

  • First, you need to Enter the Entrance Building
  • Then go through the town of Flarelyn.
  • At the end of Main Street, you can visit all destination in this park. Let start to explore each different section of the park from here

The World Of Games Includes

Aperture Science Factory

  • Portal minigame puzzles
  • A Portal Ride


  • Wii Sports Tennis Court
  • Super Mario Coaster
  • Splatoon
  • Mario Kart
  • Excitebike Coaster
  • Luigi’s Haunted Mansion
  • Donkey Kong Wooden Jungle Coaster
  • Underwater Coaster (North)

The Legend Of Zelda Castle

  • Zelda: The Ride
  • Castle Firework Show


  • Waterland Coaster
  • Sea Of Thieves Kinder Coaster
  • Underwater Coaster (South)

Valentine Town

  • Red dead redemption valentine town
  • Red dead redemption wooden coaster

Rocket League

  • League Rocket Arena
  • (Rocket League Ride Coming Soon!)

Other section of the Park

  • There are many buildings, easter eggs, decorations literally around the park.
  • All of the ride and minigames is mostly automatic, it’s completely functional
  • Background music is added a lot of rides


The World Of Games

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