Ice Boat Raceway Crazy Edition

Make racing with your friends more interesting and exciting with Ice Boat Raceway. This map also add new shortcuts and PowerUps to make the races more enjoyable. Creator: Scurrminator808 The … Read more

Alton Towers PE | Minecraft PE Maps

Alton Towers PE

Alton Towers PE is Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s first full 1:1 recreation and Minecraft’s only downloadable 1:1 full recreation. Featuring over 20 rides and attractions, you’re sure to have a fantabulous … Read more

Project Bloomingdale | Minecraft PE Maps

Project Bloomingdale | Minecraft PE Maps

Project Bloomingdale is a city, this map features unique interiors and exteriors that portray societal conflicts like human trafficking, murder, child-dealt drugs, political corruption, and complacency.  Creator: EVSH777 Project Bloomingdale … Read more

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