Survival House for MCPE (Map/Building)

A basic map for you to start exploring the Minecraft world why not start here. With Survival House (Map/Building) where you don’t need to worry about anything anymore Cre: Team Cubitos MC, Twitter What’s in this map? You can follow the areas in this map below House Barn Crops Nether Dock and fishing area Creeper … Read more

Find the Lever | Minecraft PE Maps |

“Find the buttons” is familiar to Minecraft players, and you want to find a new way to play? In this map, instead of searching for buttons, you have to go find the lever! Search for and flick levers in traditional and unique ways in 1 giant confined level. This map’s theme is QUEST, and this … Read more

The 2020 Parkour | Minecraft PE Maps

This is the ultimate parkour map for the 2020 year! This map is multi-staged and super long for those who hate short maps! Parkour is decorated with islands and secret diamonds to open the door at the end! Let’s see who will open it first! Maybe You! Also, we tested this map multiple times and … Read more

Audia City | Bedrock Edition v1.5 | Minecraft PE Maps

Audia City – is the largest and most modern city you will ever see in Minecraft. The city includes houses, buildings, beaches, ports, even airplanes and airports, … and many other unfinished buildings. It may be a bit late on low-end devices though, making sure to reduce your rendering distance. Credit: NOHMAN12354, The TekkitRealm More … Read more

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