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Thorpe Park Theme Park [Creation]

Welcome to Thorpe Park theme park in England, Uk. Are you ready to explore over 40 operating rides and attractions? Here you can take...

Special Modern House | Minecraft PE Maps

Special Modern House is equipped with other buildings such as fountains, treehouses, swimming pools,...etc. This map is equipped with many large modern buildings, some...

The White House [Creation] Map

This is an official residence and workplace for the US presidents. Since 1800s, the first one to live here is the 2nd president John...

Ultimate Oriental | Minecraft PE Maps

The Ultimate Oriental style came to Minecraft, this time in a beautiful paradise on top of a hill, enjoy each one of the Oriental...

House for 2 Friends | Minecraft PE Maps

This is a twin house, built for you and your best friend, to experience the exciting things together in Minecraft. House for 2 Friends...

Lowa (W.I.P) | Minecraft PE Maps

Hello to lowa city in Minecraft world, the map leads to a city with impressive architectural works, along with a developed modern transport system. Creator:...

A Medieval Village | Minecraft PE Maps

This map is a map with medieval village and custom trees, decorated houses. This map is a modification of the villages of the plains....

Fantasy Craft | Minecraft PE Maps

Fantasy Craft is a world full of adventure and excitement, with secrets and amazing cities, hidden lands and builds around every corner. Defend the...

Biosurvival (Custom Terrain) Map for Minecraft Pe

BioSurvival is a map for survival or creative mode. This map has 2000 x 2000 blocks with 6 mains biomes: Jungle, Mesa, Mountains, ocean,...
Jungle Villa

Jungle Villa | Minecraft PE Maps

Let's start your summer vacation! Villa is ready to welcome you! This is Jungle Villa for you! Would you like to become a tour?...

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yCreatures Trial

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Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps

Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps

With Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps, you can get thousands of jump maps and easily import them directly for you to play! Creator: PAVN, Youtube, Twitter, FB Parkour...

Pig Race (Map)

This is a hilarious pig race mini-game. Each player will ride a piggy and drive it with a carrot rod while avoiding all of...

Ore Trees [Addon compatible!]

Yes, another Ore Trees expansion! But this one is truly unique! This Ores addon includes more than just vanilla ore trees. Other "ore" addons,...