Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village | Minecraft Seed

This is really cool seed for Minecraft seed with a lot of interesting things to discover the right at spawn. For example:

  • At spawn, you can find yourself on a tree on survival island, there are have a lot of sugar cane.
  • After the spawn, there is a mushroom biome attach to an epic ice spike biome!
  • Furthermore, you will find a nice village with a blacksmith

Cre: TelepathicGrunt

It’s more fun if you take a left at the mushroom biome and go straight, you will find frozen ocean biome with hidden ruins undersea. Some wooden timber sticking out of the ocean, that is a top of a shipwreck, and more


  • One tree island spawn: 652, 71, 4
  • Mushroom/Ice Spike: 800, 84, -300
  • Blacksmith Village next to above combo: 660, 67, -470
  • Shipwreck sticking out of water: 836, 66, 43
  • Ruins: 795, 53, 66
  • Glacier/Ruins: 264, 64, -192

Minecraft Seed ID

  • Seed: CoWsGetOff
  • Number form: -926620447

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