Super Sky Block – SkyShop Map for MCPE

Test your survival with a map for Minecraft Bedrock – Super Sky Block – SkyShop, exploration and combat skills with 30 Overworls Islands & 10 Nether Islands!

Cre: Master spike

Super Sky Block

To activate the end portal on stronghold island and face the dragon, the player have to collect or buy 12 End Pearls. It’s not an easy mission, in this survival map, players have to discover 39 Floating Islands from different biomes, has different difficult levels! Include dealing with the mobs, traps and puzzles in the nether.

Super Sky Block has a variety of biomes, each one having its own structure, secret and reward. You can visit the SHOP ISLAND to buy useful items with the resources you collect.

Super Sky Block

Super Sky Block .mcworld
or download here (backup link)

30 Overworld Islands

Home Island – Shop – River – Birch – Forest – Cave – Desert – Snow – Ice spikes – Music – Spruce – Pillager Outpost – Dark Oak Forest – Taiga – Ocean – Cherry Tree – Forest of Flower – Bamboo Island – Jungle – Amethyst geode – Lush Caves – Desert Temple – Mountain – Blacksmith – Great fountains of the Allay Island – Mangrove – Swamp – Stronghold

The shader is used in screenshot: Bare Bones Texture Pack for Minecraft (Update)

10 Nether Islands

Nether Portal – Nether Hub Island – Basalt Deltas – Shop Island – Crimson Forest – Warped Forest – Lava Ocean – Soul Sand Valley – Nether Fortress – Bastion Remnant

Minecraft Shaders


This map has 2 textures, one made by the creator and the other belong to the partnership between Masterspike and the creator Redstone Chicken


Super Sky Block

Super Sky Block .mcworld
or download here (backup link)

Minecraft Shaders

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