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Sketched 32x is a texture collection that works with both Minecraft Bedrock and Java. Minecraft 1.18 is currently being updated.

Cre: DFergxz

Sketched 32x Feature

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Note: In this scenario, all-in-one implies that you can download and extract the texture pack, then drop the folder into one of the Resource pack folders (Bedrock: resource packs / Java: resourcepacks) and it will work. For Bedrock users who don't want to struggle with folders, I also offer a Mcpack format file for a faster setup.

I hope you enjoy my pack, and please check back for updates as I intend to keep it current.

You can also keep an eye on my website for updates as they happen.

I've been working on this project for little over two years, and it's gone through several iterations under various names. Vanilla2, SK3TCHED, and Scribble Dibbles This is the package's final version. I decided on a more modest adjustment after being inspired by creators of packs like Barebones and Faithful. Giving each texture a look that's reminiscent of a coloring book

Sketched 32x
Sketched 32x

Some Minecraft Texture Pack you can check in 


  • Provided better description to what an all-in-one pack is.
  • Added website to the description.


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Note: This pack has been modified as a single download that will work with both Java and Bedrock versions of the game. 

  • Download the ZIP file if you'd like to install on Java, or need to manually add it to the resource pack folder for Bedrock.
  • Download the MCPack for instant install on Bedrock with Windows 10.

Install steps vary based on what device and version of Minecraft you are playing.

Sketched 32x

Download Sketched 32x (Zip)

Download Sketched 32x (Mcpack) or File Drive

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