Scarlet Prime Sword | Weapon Minecraft Mods

This Scarlet Prime Sword is horrifying it can be destroy everything on their health when you toying them. of because (Prime Of Destruction) Life Of Vansihing

Creator: Prime404

Scarlet Prime Sword You Will Ever Need

One of the Most strongest phase than all swords it have lot of Damage of their Ability instant and effects would probably destroy anything of path and comes Prime Of Destruction (Life Of Vanishing) you can’t defeat me Prime Sword Says. Thousands of Trillion and Infinity and Omega Infinity and Googol Scarlet Prime Sword Damage

Minecraft Gun Mod

Scarlet Prime Sword

Behind Of Scarlet Prime Sword Damage

  • 99999999 trillion + Omega + Infinity + 58480281M 
  • Incoming damage per hit Ability: Infinity + Omega
  • Incoming Life Of Vanishing: top 2 + top 1 + top3
  • Dealt damge to mobs: Prime Infinity 
  • Phase of this sword: Prime Of Destruction
  • Vanishing Damage: top2 + Infinity + Omega
Scarlet Prime Sword


Scarlet Prime Sword

Download Prime 黑暗主宰 2.0.mcaddon here

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Minecraft Gun Mod

Minecraft Gun Mod

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