Raid Jailbreak Map (1.20)

Raid Jailbreak Map (1.20) is an invigorating jail elude encounter, drawing motivation from prevalent diversions like Among Us and The Escapists, as well as classic jailbreak scenarios. 

Creator: Raid games

Raid Jailbreak Map for Minecraft

Raid Jailbreak Map

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

In this fast-paced hide-and-seek diversion, players take on particular parts:

  • The Warden: The sole Warden’s mission is to track down and dispose of the other players—the brave Prisoners—before they oversee to elude.
  • The Prisoners: Escaping is deceptively straightforward, involving just three essential steps: a. Task Completion: Prisoners must diligently complete tasks to earn valuable emeralds. b.
  • Emerald Trading: These hard-earned emeralds can then be traded for a sturdy Pickaxe or the necessary materials to craft one. c. Breaking Free: Armed with the Pickaxe, Prisoners must shatter the iron bar perimeter and make their daring escape!

But here’s the twist:

The Warden only needs to land a single hit to spell defeat for any Prisoner. Thus, executing these steps requires utmost care and stealth. For further insights into the escape mechanics and other intricate systems within Raid Jailbreak, consult the comprehensive Warden and Prisoner handbooks thoughtfully placed within the map. Good luck, and may your escape be swift and cunning!

Raid Jailbreak Map
Raid Jailbreak Map
Raid Jailbreak Map
Raid Jailbreak Map
Raid Jailbreak Map


Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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Raid Jailbreak Map

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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