Minecraft Christmas One Block

Hello, today I introduce a map with name Minecraft Christmas One Block. The most common Minecraft map is one block. One Block is a survival map where you start out with a lone block floating in space. But there will be a single-block Ice Island on this map. This Christmas-themed map was created. The same block can be mined again to provide you with basic minerals that gradually get better.

Cre: MCPE ML (Youtube, Twitter)

Minecraft Christmas One Block

Floating Island

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

A floating ice island will be visible. On this island, there is a large tree and One Block. Ice and lush biomes are found below it. On this island, there are Christmas trees and presents. There is a tree and some farms close by. This island contains a fountain.

Minecraft Christmas One Block
Minecraft Christmas One Block
Minecraft Christmas One Block

One Block

One Block is essentially this pink block. There will always be another block here if you shatter this one. This is essentially referred to as one block. Its moniker, Christmas One Block, refers to its location on an ice island.

Minecraft Christmas One Block
Minecraft Christmas One Block
Minecraft Christmas One Block

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Minecraft Christmas One Block

Download Minecraft Christmas One Block

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