FurniDeco: Refurbished [Biggest Update]

FurniDeco: Refurbished presents 27 brand-new furniture pieces that fit into the vanilla style effortlessly and are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With more than a hundred different versions, this recreation offers countless ways to outfit and adorn your builds!

Creator: kanadeyoru


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♬ Cute – Aurel Surya Lie

FurniDeco: Refurbished


  • 💺 27 Unique pieces of furniture & decorations, up to 100+ variants.
  • 🎨 Fully customizable.
  • 🎮 Interactive and functional.
  • 🍦 Fits with the Minecraft Vanilla feel.
  • 🪓 Craft-able in survival mode.
  • 🧊 Uses blocks


📌Fixed Marketplace skins disappearing.
📌Fixed all carpentry table recipes.
📌Fixed all original bugs.
📌Fixed ceiling fan not turning off.
📌Changed grandfather clock model, texture and sound.
📌Changed paint brush texture.
📌Changed lamp model and texture.
📌Improved general furniture connectivity.
📌Improved fire pit’s fire.
📌Improved cabinets hitbox.
📌Added missing wooden variants for every wooden furniture.
📌Added television capability to be turned on and off.
📌Added television sound effects.
📌Added dynamic to the radio aerial.
📌Added torchflower flower pot’s variant.
📌Added connectivity for curtains.
📌Added music to the radio.
📌Added ticking sounds for the clock.
📌Added new particle effects.
📌Added Spanish translation.
📌Added globe.
📌Added mailbox.
📌Updated to the latest version.
📌Total code refactor.
📌Improved performance due to optimized code.

FurniDeco: Refurbished
FurniDeco: Refurbished
FurniDeco: Refurbished
FurniDeco: Refurbished
FurniDeco: Refurbished
FurniDeco: Refurbished

Video showing the Mailbox: https://imgur.com/a/Vh3FtfX

This project is a modern remake of FurniDeco, initially created by Arexon.

Some Minecraft Furniture mod you can check in Mcpe addons:


Full Changelog

  • Updated description and banner.
  • Hopefully fixed all the remaining bugs.

Minecraft Furniture Mod


Experimental Options

To ensure that FurniDeco: Refurbished fully works in your worlds, turn on all the experimental toggles in your world settings to avoid any possible bug.

Make sure to delete older version files when installing new ones to avoid bugs!

FurniDeco: Refurbished

Download FurniDeco: Refurbished (Mediafire)

Download FurniDeco: Refurbished (Link Backup)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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