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This Crafting Spawn Eggs Addon adds crafting for spawn eggs. You can craft them into survival at the Workbench. Each egg has its own unique and interesting craft. You can also craft a spawner for these eggs. It is very difficult to craft. 62 craft eggs and 1 craft spawner are present in this addon.

Creator: DarT

Crafting Spawn Eggs

  • This add-on will simplify the search for the resources you need in large quantities from mobs. It adds the ability to craft mob spawn eggs. These crafts are interesting and even sometimes difficult.Crafting a spawner was also added, it is very difficult.
  • You can find crafts in the workbench in survival mode ♥️
  • Don’t forget to enable Experimental Modes in World Settings
  • Updates: Not (Version 1.0)
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Crafting Spawn Eggs

Download Crafting Spawn Eggs

Crafting Spawn Eggs


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