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Since capes alter the appearance of your elytra, you can use this Cape Eyltra Icons pack to modify the texture of your elytra items to match how they seem when worn!

Creator: Ruby Likes Sonic 2

Cape Eyltra Icons

This pack lets you change the elytra item texture so that it matches the way your elytra looks when you use a cape, since capes change how your elytra looks!
(Note that this pack does NOT change the elytra when you are wearing it, it only changes the item texture)


Cape Eyltra Icons

Founder’s Cape

Cape Eyltra Icons
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Cherry Cape

Cape Eyltra Icons

Follower’s Cape (TikTok Cape)

Cape Eyltra Icons

Purple Heart Cape (Twitch Cape)

Cape Eyltra Icons

15th Anniversary Cape

Cape Eyltra Icons

Progress Pride Cape

Cape Eyltra Icons

Vanilla Cape

Cape Eyltra Icons

This pack will not automatically change the icon based on your cape.
To change it, you click on the settings button whilst enabling the pack (depending on when you do this or any other packs you have on this may look different):

Then, move the slider until you see the name of the cape you are using:


Supported Minecraft versions 1.21

MCPE Download

Download Cape Eyltra Icons Pack

This pack will be updated to include newer capes when they are added.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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