Modern Military II Addon V1.4 (MW Scar Update) | Weapon Minecraft Mods

Modern Military II About MW19 Animation, Sound + Gun Sound Assets MW22 & MW2023

Creator: Reze

Modern Military II Addon V1.4

Edit your settings like this:

  • Enable Holiday API and Beta API or enable all
  • Turn On Hide Paper Doll
  • Set FOV 60.40 – 80.00
  • Turn Off View Bobing
  • Turn On CameraShake

Weapon List:

  • Modern Warfare 2022 Kastov 762 (AK-103)
  • Modern Warfare 2019 AK-74
  • Modern Warfare 2019 MP-5
  • Modern Warfare 2019 X-16 (Glock 21)
  • Modern Warfare 2022 M4
  • Modern Warfare 2023 Riveter
  • Modern Warfare 2019 Scar H
  • Modern Warafre 2022 TAQ-V
  • Modern Warfare 2022 Juggernaut+Minigun
  • Modern Warfare 2019 Frag Grenade
  • Modern Warfare 2022 Juggernaut Killstreak Air Drop

Modern Military II Addon Features:

  • Slide + Slide Canceled
  • Team A
  • Team B
  • Killstreak

Minecraft Gun Mod


  • AK PSO Scope
  • MP-5 Scope
  • M4 Red Dot Scope
  • Riveter Skin

How To Use Scope Attachment?

Put The Scope Attachment In The First Inventory Slot

Modern Military II Addon

How To Use Riveters Skin?

Put The Riveters Skin Item In Slot 8 Inventory

Modern Military II Addon

How To Loot The Juggernaut Air Drop?

First You Need To Get 15 Killstreak (Only Work On 1.20.40), It Will Give You A Grenade To Caliing Air Drop, It Will Drop A Air Drop And Only Who Get 15 Killstreak Can Loot it.

Modern Military II Addon

Why Minigun Not Shooting?

It Because You Didn’t Equip Juggernaut Armor, You Need The Juggernaut Armor Because It Has A Big Ammo Box For The Minigun Behind Your Back.

Modern Military II Addon

Team System

There Are 3 Item in Modern Military II Addon:

  • Join A Team
  • Join B Team
  • Leave A/B Team

You Cant Kill Your Team, You Only Can Kill Another Player In Another Team


When You Get 20 Killstreak It Will Give You A Tactical Nuke, If Your In Team A, The Nuke Will Kill Any Team B Player And Vice Versa.

Modern Military II Addon

Gun Inspect

AK-103, AK-74, MP-5, X-16:

  • Dont Move And Wait 5-10S And Will Run Inspect Animation
Modern Military II Addon

M4, Riveter, Scar H, TAQ-V, Minigun

  • Dont Move And Press Left Click If Your On Pc, Touch Ground If Your On Mobile
Modern Military II Addon

Tactical Reload

When Your Gun Are Not Full Empty, Press Left Click(Pc), Touch Ground (Mobile) ,It Will Do Tactical Reload

Modern Military II Addon

How To Slide?

Hold A Gun, Sprinting + Right Click(PC), Use Item Button (Button) To Slide.
You Can Do Slide Canceled By Sneak, Jump Or Stop Moving.

Modern Military II Addon


  • Use New Version For Hitmark And Killstreak
  • And Pls Turn On Hide Paper Doll For No Spam Particle 
  • Turn Off View Bobing For No Bug In Scope
  • The Model And Texture Are Make By My Team
  • Code , Animation, Particle, Sound,… All Are Make By Me ,If You Showcase My Addon, Pls Give A Credit To My Channel:
Modern Military II

Download Modern Military II Addon V1.4

Supported Minecraft versions:

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