9DEN Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This 9DEN texture pack enriches the architecture! From country houses to modern homes to Japanese-style homes, the possibilities are endless with a wide variety of building materials. Please enjoy using it in your own way!

Creator: 9DEN_texture

9DEN Texture Pack

9DEN is a play on Japanese words and means palace. The pronunciation is Kyuden.

Thank you for downloading 9DEN texture.

[About 9DEN texture]

This 9DEN Texture Pack is a resource pack jointly devised and created by the game group.

• Although this pack is recommended for building in creative, the naturally generated blocks do not spoil the image too much, so it can also be used in survival.

• We cannot be held responsible for any troubles that occur when using this resource pack.

[About multiplayer]

It can be used in multiplayer.

When using this service, we ask all multi-server participants to read these terms and conditions.

Also, as mentioned above, in the case of MIX packs, please refrain from using them in multiplayer.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

[About use in videos and distribution, introductions, etc.]

・Although permission is not required for use during play, if you contact us, we will be happy to contribute in a something manner, such as by viewing videos, streaming, or publishing future update information in advance I will consider.

[About “Today’s Tea Party”]

Today’s Tea Party is a game group consisting of 5 people. I mainly work on creating the integrated version of Minecraft of gameplay addons.

Those who are interested, please see YouTube 「本日のお茶会は」 and Twitter @honzitsuno_tya

[About copyright]

– The copyright of the 9DEN Texture Pack images in this pack belongs to vimwo – Twitter @vimwo_mee

・If we determine that the act violates copyright or causes significant damage to the activity, such as self-authored statements, impersonation, secondary distribution, etc., we may take corresponding measures.

*This texture uses some images from “Fluffy_texture”, but The author, little GIZMO Twitter@gizmo_little, has transferred the copyright and usage rights of the texture to DAIZU_soy. Therefore, the copyright of the same texture has not been waived. please note.


【official author】

・vimwo Twitter @vimwo_mee

・DAIZU_soy Twitter @daizuoniku0602

・npatchi Twitter @n_patchi_craft

・Konbou Twitter @k0n6ou

【official tester】

・akaneko Twitter @Gemini13_A

【Special Thanks】







Thank you for downloading.

Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.



These Terms or Guidelines

The latest version will be applied to all textures regardless of when they were downloaded.


MCPE Download

Download 9DEN Texture Pack

YouTube will explain how to adapt after downloading.

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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