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UltraFarming Addon [More Crops and Food] V2.1

Do you wanna be a farmer or just have a more complex game experience? UltraFarming addon is for you. This addon adds new 15...

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Unnamed Addon

Simple Addon (BETA)

It's a Simple Addon that helps make your Minecraft more Actionable and Interestin​g! (This Beta = 90% bug for free:/)​ Creator: Night 197 Simple Addon What's added in...
time stop addon


Time Stop Addon will bring the utility of time adjustment during Minecraft play. With this addon you can control the time to stop, slow...

CHBoss Addon

Need some more challenges? Well, CHBoss addon added 2 bosses the Santa mecha and winterween tree now here's the details. Creator: Astrokylo1 CHBoss addon The...

Soul Add-on for Minecraft

Creator: Chris There are 3 items added in this Soul add-on which are Enchanted Sword, Soul, Staff. To activate the mob you need to type /function...

Flat Skins Skin Pack v. 5.0 – FNaF Update Pt. I

If you are one of the people who feel annoyed by how 3D all of the Minecraft skins are. Flat Skins Skin Pack is...
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