Modern Mansion for Gamers | MCPE Maps

This map is an architecture that includes a main building, a pool, a hot tub, 2 guest houses, a tree house, and more! Creator: SJMonkey101 This map includes: Massive patios, Dolphin and Fish Aquarium, with a beehive on the second story. Strider farm brought to you from the nether, we have a nether portal surrounded … Read more

Modern Super Mansion | Creation Map

Would you like to try living a millionaire’s life in Minecraft? This map will help you to do that with an incredible modern mansion. It’s designed to be very realistic such as custom furniture (only looking realistic without any other functions) Cre: BjankyMiner Modern Super Mansion The mansion is situated in a forest and fixes … Read more

Extreme Safe House [Redstone] | Minecraft PE Map

Extreme Safe House!! It will keep you safe from all dangers in the Minecraft world with the main feature: A modern mansion used 350 command blocks 3 safety modes different and much more Cre: M7MoGameR, Twitter Account If you don’t like any mods thoroughly in your house, you should try this map Download Extreme Safe House … Read more

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