SpaceX Rocket Addons – New Year Updated| Minecraft PE Addons

SpaceX Rocket Addons adds some new rockets for your world. This pack is meant for creative decoration, rockets are immovable. This Addon was created by The Morning Company to celebrate the NASA Crew Demo-2 Mission. A pack adds 4 Falcon 5 Block 5 rockets. Including:  Falcon 9 2. Falcon Heavy 3. Falcon 9 Crew Dragon … Read more

Lots More Food Bedrock Add-on (v10) | Minecraft PE Add-ons

Does Minecraft have too little food to choose from? Have you ever wished for more food in Minecraft? And here is your pack. Lots More Food Bedrock adds more than 50 different foods, used to supplement health or reduce hunger. Besides, it also includes MorePlants to harvest food. There is also a Java Edition Version. … Read more

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