Find the Button Halloween | Minecraft Minigame

Are you one of the people who like to explore and be curious? Well, this map is for you. It’s a classic map: Find the button “Halloween” style. This map includes 10 levels with different scenarios all set to Halloween, on each level there is a hidden button, which will take you to the next … Read more

Find the Button: Villages!!

Are you ready to join the game and find the button in the village? Your task now is to find out the button hidden in each level to continue the game. Each village will bring to you each different level, some difficult than the other Cre: Pixell Studio, Twitter, Youtube This map work on the … Read more

Beyond the Portal (Find the Button) [Puzzle]

This is a find the button map to celebrates the release off all-new 1.16 Nether Update. It includes 10 stages (the goal is 100 stages for the final update). Well, it will take a lot of work for a long time because it needs to consider carefully. All the suggestions for stages are appreciated and … Read more

Find the Button: Nether Update

Minecraft’s latest Nether update has been released, this is the best time to play the Find the Button game. Find the Button: Nether Update consists of 5 different levels, representing 5 biomes of Nether. Creator: Endercraft Studio Find the Button 5 Unique Levels for the 5 different Nether biomes. This map is multiplayer compatible! DOWNLOAD … Read more

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