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A Texture Pack with a Theme This texture pack is a conversion from Java Edition and focuses on eliminating noise while supporting the current PBR standards to make your Minecraft experience more vibrant. If anything is damaged, please let me know before leaving any nasty comments.

Cre: Shivamzter

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Simplista Bedrock

What is Simplista?

A themed texture pack that focuses on eliminating noise while supporting the latest PBR standards to improve the vibrancy of your Minecraft experience.

Some Screenshots for this Texture from Mcpe addons:

Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock
Simplista Bedrock

What is the Premium Version?

The texture pack is still in development, but the Premium edition, which already comprises over 400 blocks, is available through Patreon Support or Gumroad. If you decide to donate, you'll also receive updates.

Join our Discord server we are always ready to help you out.

Thank you. I hope you like my Simplista Bedrock texture pack.

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Some Minecraft Textures for you:


  • Download RP_BB.mcpack
  • Run the MCPACK file by double-clicking on it
  • This will open up Minecraft Bedrock Edition and install the texture pack
  • (You can delete the old version that you have installed)
Simplista Bedrock

Download Simplista Java Edition

Download Simplista Bedrock

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