Roundista BedrockRTX Texture Pack

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Sports Equipment Addon

Your days of creating a basketball hoop and volleyball net using spider webs are finally over! This Add-On will give you various courts for different sports, along with the gears necessary in playing them in the real world. Now you can take your sports experience/roleplays to the next level with the new Sports Equipment Add-On by yours truly.

Ragnarok 1.0

The Roundista BedrockRTX Texture Pack is a conversion from Java Edition and is focused on eradicating the squary pixelated vanilla look by upscaling and making each pixel round. If there is anything broken, please let me know before leaving any nasty comments.

Cre: Shivamzter

Roundista BedrockRTX Texture Pack

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Some screenshots:

Roundista BedrockRTX
Roundista BedrockRTX
Roundista BedrockRTX
Roundista BedrockRTX
Roundista BedrockRTX
Roundista BedrockRTX

Some RTX Texture Bedrock you can check in

What is Roundista?

A texture pack was created with the goal of scaling and reshaping Minecraft’s square, pixelated aesthetic.

What is the Premium Version?

The texture pack is still under development, but the Premium edition, which has so far more than 250 blocks, is already available through Gumroad or Patreon Support. If you think about supporting, you’ll also get updates.

Join our Discord server we are always ready to help you out.

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Thank you. I hope you like my texture pack.

Additional Credits: Tem, GreyPixelMC


The New R3 Version includes new roundistic font to enhance the experience further.


  • Download texturepack.mcpack
  • Run the MCPACK file by double-clicking on it
  • This will open up Minecraft Bedrock Edition and install the texture pack
  • (You can delete the old version that you have installed)
Roundista BedrockRTX

Download Roundista BedrockRTX (Java)

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13 days ago

Remove direct download of BedrockEdition and link to mcpedl. This submission wasn’t made by my permissions so either do that or expect a dmca.

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