Vanilla RTX Texture Pack (Final Update)

Homa RTX is a Vanilla based RTX texture pack allowing you to turn Ray tracing ON in your worlds.

Creator: CubeIR


  • Brighter Nether
  • Glowing Ores
  • Glowing Lapis/Redstone Block
  • Overall more light sources like honeycomb block, Honey block & more…
  • The light grey glazed terracotta is Mirror block
  • Torches/Glowstone/Sea lantern/Lava Emit lots of light, bringing an easier experience in survival worlds
  • Clear glass, good for playing around with light
  • Almost every block stays identical to Vanilla textures


  • Glowing ores (including nether ores) and crying obsidian
  • Crimson forests, shroomlight #HomaRTX
  • Overworld, sea
  • New water
  • Soul sand valley, Lava
  • Brighter Nether

NOTE: Homa RTX may no longer get any updates. Another Vanilla based RTX texture pack will be out soon.

The Last Update!

  • Fixed! Now working with latest RTX Beta
  • New actual Vanilla water
  • Changes to several blocks
  • Added 2 more screenshots & Updated thumbnail
  • Finalized


Make your world more beautiful with other texture packs, download below:

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