The Yoshi Mod – v1.0

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With the addition of Yoshis, the Yoshi Mod gives the player an option to horses while also making the game friendlier and more enjoyable. But beware of the other varieties.

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The Yoshi Mod – v1.0

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The Yoshi Mod is an add-on that makes the game friendlier by including Yoshis as an alternative to the game’s default horses and donkeys. However, be cautious about the other types.


We’ve posted a reveal trailer on YouTube for everyone to watch. Other trailers coming soon!



It is possible to mount the Yoshi, a passive rideable mob, and train it. They are instantly identifiable by their unusual skin tones, shoes, and high-pitched voices, which they frequently use to say, “Yoshi!” The player who tamed them will follow them wherever they go. They are, however, restricted to forests and jungles.

The Yoshi Mod
The Yoshi Mod
The Yoshi Mod
The Yoshi Mod

With the exception of Glistering Melons, Yoshis can breed with other domesticated Yoshis. Apples, melons, and Yoshi Fruits are some of these fruits.

Yoshis consume Vindicators and Pillagers. This can be useful for raiding villages. They do not, however, consume Evokers.

Yoshis are horses with higher jumping ability. This is done to evoke their well-known “flutter jump” maneuver.

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A violent undead Yoshi known as the Zomshi only appears at night and in dimly lit regions. Their bright crimson eyes in the dark make them easy to spot. They can also be mistaken for regular green Yoshis, though. They will assault villagers, Yoshis, and players.

The Yoshi Mod
The Yoshi Mod

An apple and three golden nuggets at the bottom can be used to make a Yoshi Fruit, which can be used to cure Zomshis.

The Yoshi Mod

Tattered Yoshi Shoes, which can be mended in a crafting table by putting the item in the center and adding leather to the spaces surrounding it, are a very uncommon drop from zomshis. For your size, those shoes are quite large. But at least they offer fantastic defense!


We know some bugs exist, but they will be fixed in later updates.

  1. Baby Yoshis can be ridden
  2. Yoshis do not turn into Zomshis when killed by them
  3. Tongue sound effect does not play when Yoshis eat illagers


There will be some upcoming features in the game. However, they require more coding knowledge.

  1. Yoshis will mix specific colors together when bred
  2. Free DLCs


v1.0.0 – Initial Release. This is the first version of the mod.



This addon uses an “mcaddon” file to import.


Open the file directly. This will open the game and automatically install the addon for you.


Use an external file explorer to open the file with the game or change the file extension to “zip” and extract the two folders to “Android\data\com.mojang.minecraftpe\files\games\com.mojang” in their respective folders. “RP” stands for “Resource Pack”, and “BP” stands for “Behavior Pack”.

No experimental toggles are required.

The Yoshi Mod
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Download The Yoshi Mod

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The Yoshi Mod

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