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Does Minecraft have too little food to choose from? Have you ever wished for more food in Minecraft? And here is your pack. Lots More Food Bedrock adds more than 50 different foods, used to supplement health or reduce hunger. Besides, it also includes MorePlants to harvest food. There is also a Java Edition Version.

Lots More Food Pack

By: Legopitstop & Sir_Craftypants

In the “How to Play” section it will show item effects, links, and other info. Plants to generate but it is experimental (turn on pack testing, look below). The items do not show up in the creative inventory upvote this bug! I will update this pack with more info when the pack is in a stable (no bugs) form

Other Links

Want the Java Edition of this mod? Download [HERE]

All Food and items for recipes: 

Bacon recipe:


  • Added Ketchup and to recipe doc
  • Added give ingredient function “/function give/ingredients”
  • Removed recipe book item 
  • Alcohol will give you their cup after drinking
  • Fixed flour recipe

Download Lots More Food Bedrock:

You can get .ZIP file here: MoreFoodAddon v012.zip (AdFoc.us)

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