How to install mods/addons on Windows 10

This post will show you how to install mod/addon for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

It’s two ways to install Add-on:

I. File as .mcpack, mcworld, .mcaddon

Go to Downloads folder

Double-click on the file and it will automatically be imported to your game. 

Create a new world or click Setting world: Choose Behavior pack  and Resource Pack. 

II. File as .RAR, .ZIP

1. Find the Add-on which you want to download.

2. The download usually includes either a .ZIP or .RAR file. You need to extract using a program such as 7-ZIP or WinRAR.

3. Find the [Add-on] _._._ file on your computer, double click the zip file (or right-click it and select “Open with…” and select 7-ZIP or WinRAR) to open it.

4. Select both of the two folders and click “Extract”

5. Select location to extract file, click “OK”

6. Open folder “Downloads” or where you selected to extract the folders. 

Each add-on is usually a bit different from each other. Sometimes there is just one folder which you need to install and sometimes (as in this case) there are multiple. 

Let’s begin by installing the behavior pack folder: [Behavior pack] _._._ Select the folder and press CTRL + C (or right-click and copy)

7. Once you’ve copied the folder go to the following location on your computer using the file explorer:

Here you will find two new folders:

-> Behavior Pack (usually for textures)

-> Resource Pack (usually for behaviors, e.g .json files)

Open the behavior_pack folder and press CTRL + V (or tight-click and “paste)

You’ve now installed the behavior pack.

8. Open up your “Downloads” folder again and find the [Textures] _._._ folder. Select it and press CTRL + C (or right-click it and select “Copy”)

9. Open the com.mojand folder again and then open the resource_packs folder:

Paste the folder here by pressing CTRL + V (or by right-clicking in the folder and click “Paste”)

10. To use it in-game there are still some things left to do. Start Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. 

Create a new world (or edit an existing world).

11. Add (or edit) all the settings you want for your world and then scroll down in the left sidebar to find two tabs/buttons for Resource PAcks and Behavior Packs. 

12. Select Resource Packs and add the Addon from the list.

13. Then do the same thing for Behavior Packs

14. Enter the new world and you will find some new items in your inventory.

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