How to install mods/addons on iOS

Here are the basic steps that we guide you to install addons / mods on Minecraft on iOS. It can apply to both iphone and ipad. Let’s get start!

.MCWorld – .MCPack

Some Add-ons are “.mcworld” or “.mcpack” files. If it’s a “.mcpack”file then a notification will appear letting you know if the pack has been successfully imported to your game. If it’s a “.mcworld” file then Minecraft Pocket Edition will be automatically launched and a world with the add-ons automatically opened. 


If it is a “.ZIP” or “.RAR” then please use the following tutorial to install the add-on:

1. The tutorial is complete as it is, but we’ll make sure to add some more images and a video soon as well.

2. Download and install iFunbox which is a free file manager software available for both Mac and PCs.

3. Plugin your iOS device into your computer using a data connection cord. It’s a standard iOS cable which usually comes with the deceive.

4. Browse our section for add-ons using your computer and find one to download.

5. Open iFunbox and click the “File Browse” tab in the top left corner.

5. Find your device in the left sidebar. You might need to expand the available items by clicking the plus symbol for “Connected Devices”.

Then click on the “Use Applications” icon.

7. Next you should see a bunch of different icons. Click the Minecraft PE icon.

8. Then a dropdown menu should appear. Click Open Sandbox. 

9. Open the Games folder and then open the com.mojand folder (still using iFunbox)

10. In the folder you should be able to see the following folders:

  • Behavior_packs (other addon related files)
  • Minecraftpe
  • Minecraftworlds
  • Resource_packs (usually for textures)
  • Snooper

It’s the highlight ones (behavior_packs and resource_packs) which are of interest when installing addons.

An addon zip file usually includes two folders. One which you need to add to the behavior_packs folder and another which you need to add to the resource_packs folder.

11. If you are using a Mac computer you can open the zip file which you previously downloaded for the addon simply by clicking the zip file. If you are using Windows then you will need 7-Zip (which by the way is a free software).

Extract the zip file to get two different folders. Sometimes an addon includes just one folder and sometimes multiple. 

12. Copy the [Textures] _._._ folder and paste it in the behavior_packs folder (/game/com.mojang/resource_packs).

13.Then copy the [Behavior pack] _._._ folder and paste it in the resource_packs folder (/games/com.mojang/resource_packs).

14. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition. Create a new world or edit an existing one. 

15. Scroll down in the left sidebar. There you will see two new tabs. Press the Resource Packs tab and apply the Add-on.

Then press the Behavior Packs tab and apply the Add-on.

16. Enter the world and enjoy the add-on

As mentioned previously, we will add some more images and a video in the coming days to improve this page!

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